Friday, 8 May 2015

Eggciting News!


The gulls seem to be picking up the pace now down at the main study site for The Galloway Common Gull Study. After checking a section of the site last week I was pleased to find 12 new nests and a couple of complete clutches. If these complete clutches are successful through to hatching then we can expect the first chicks at the end of the month….good thing the colour rings are on order!


Spot the freshly laid egg!


Ready for eggs.


Looks like my Tuesday evening spent collecting and washing my free nest markers aka rocks was well timed!




Number 15: my favourite nest – always in the same place every year. This pair of Common gulls choose to nest way out on a small headland away from the main colony. I think they do it just to watch me traipse across the bog and climb over the numerous fences and ditches. I swear I can hear them faintly laughing as they watch!

There only 1 week left to go now until the project page on Kickstarter closes. I can’t stress enough how grateful I am for your support and backing of this project, the funding is vital. We’re very close to the minimum funding target now, which is great news! Due to Kickstarter rules, if the minimum amount is not reached then the project gets zero funding! So I ask if you could spare a few minutes to check out the funding page and share it with your friends. Thank you : )


P.S There are some great rewards available to backers of the project including this specially commissioned canvas art by Katie Fuller.

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