Monday, 2 February 2015

Summing up The Siskin

Just a quick update on the Siskin today:

It's been almost a year since I was sat at my bedroom window at university catching Siskins - See Here. In the end I ringed over 350 and now have had time to play with Google Earth and map the controls/recoveries. I managed to catch 16 controls between March and May last year and as you can see from the map below they came from all over the UK.

Siskin Controls

Since metal ringing, a number of Siskins I ringed have been recovered elsewhere, mostly within Scotland.

Siskin Recoveries

So far this Winter Siskin numbers at garden feeders have been exceptionally low according to the BTO’s Garden Birdwatch. I’m hoping that they will return soon as I'm counting the days until they return to the university and find my new feeding station. I now have my mist net endorsement and so am ready and waiting for them! Hopefully I will get some more interesting controls and recoveries. Fingers crossed!


Excuse the ‘naked’ nails but I had to share the little beauty, one of the many juveniles I caught in the garden back home (Stranraer) this summer. Such colourful characters.