Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Bling Time For Martin Mere’s Tree Sparrows

 Yesterday was spent at WWT’s Martin Mere monitoring their breeding Tree Sparrows. As most of the 100+ boxes contained chicks big enough to be ringed it was for this year's first broods to receive their bling and be welcomed into the BTO database.


The guys very kindly let me ring all of the chicks, allowing me to gain vital pulli ringing experience. I’m really enjoying monitoring the Tree Sparrows as they are so cheeky and characteristic, especially the chicks with their punky hair styles!


I love the fact that the ring sequence we were using started with TS too…coincidence?!

Obviously made for a Tree Sparrow!

As well as monitoring the Tree Sparrows at Martin Mere we also recorded many new nests including Blackbird, Woodpigeon, Moorhen, Mallard, Stock Dove and Jackdaw – Jackdaw being one of which I am particularly looking forward to monitoring after seeing photos of how beautiful their eggs are.

Woodpigeon Nest

As the first round of Tree Sparrow chicks are now almost ready to fledge, in some boxes the second wave has already begun with a few already containing eggs. The work never stops with nest recording, just as well we love doing it!


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