Friday, 8 May 2015

Not In Any Hurry!

A couple of days ago I had a quick check of the garden nest boxes at home and was surprised to see that not a lot of progress had been made since the last check over a week ago.The birds seem to be in no particular hurry to complete their nests. I’ve had 4 nests being build for over 3 weeks now! They must be waiting for something, what I am not sure of as the weather is good and there are plenty of flies and grubs around. I can see from the BTO nesting forum that a lot of other nest recorders across the UK are seeing the same thing so at least my lot aren’t any lazier than the rest!


Good news is that one of the Blue tits has started to incubate. There’s something slightly cute and innocent looking about Blue Tits when they’re nesting…..and not trying to bite and scratch you as they do when being ringed!

It was a case of good timing for the nesting Starlings at home as the chicks were just the right size for ringing on the day I had to leave to go back to Stirling (exam time boo!). Happy to say that all 5 chicks have survived to this stage and are doing well, the adults seem to be bringing back plenty of leatherjackets for them.


My Da was happy to ring his first Starlings and seemed quite chuffed that they all decided to poo on me instead of him Annoyed.


It’s great to be able to help my Da out with his ring training whilst I’m at home, although I don’t think he’s keen on being my assistant!

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