Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Slimbridge Sunrise

Last Wednesday myself, Ciaran and Zac joined Kane on a wee day trip down to WWT Slimbridge. It was an early start but at least we were able to enjoy the sunrise at Slimbridge and the sunset, as we stayed to watch Kane do the floodlight Bewick feed.

Whilst Kane was busy working the three of us ventured around the grounds and reserve, enjoying some amazing wildlife along the way including my first Lesser Scaup and the best views of Snipe I've ever had. I never been able to appreciate Snipe's plumage up close and I must say they are beautiful.We also had great views of the famous Zeiss hide Bitterns, Water Rail, White-fronted geese and a bathing Peregrine.

Female Lesser Scaup (photo Zac Hinchcliffe)

We couldn't resist hand feeding a few of these fellas, along with the Moorhens .

We also watched a Spoon-billed Sandpiper commentated feed and the wee guys are looking brilliant. WWT have been working incredibly hard to help save the Spoon-billed Sandpiper, both in their native breeding/wintering grounds and by captive breeding them at Slimbridge in the hope that they can save this stunningly majestic and characteristic species from extinction - more information can be found Here about the important work the WWT are doing.

After 10 hours at Slimbridge (and maybe a few at the pub!) we finished our trip off by watching Kane do his Bewick feed and he did a brilliant job.

Floodlight feed - amazing to watch. Kane you are one lucky pup!

It was great to be back at Slimbridge again and I'm really looking forward to moving down there in a couple of weeks to volunteer with the Species Monitoring Unit.

Thanks to the guys for a great day (I hope Ciaran enjoyed his first trip at Slimbridge) and to Kane for doing all of the driving and inviting us along.