Saturday, 18 February 2012

A Weekend For Hand Catching

Last weekend was a weekend made for hand catching. Cold weather and hungry birds made for a great couple of days' catching. In total 48 new Coots were ringed along with 17 Black-headed gulls, a Tufted Duck and a Canada Goose for good measure!

Of the 17 Black-headed gulls two were particularly special in that one was a Lithuanian control and the other was a Norwegian control - nice catches Ciaran!

I tried my hand at catching a Tuftie but again ended up with an empty hand and a purple arm! One day...

Kane did manage to catch this little beaut though - just to show us how it's done!

Another highlight was this Common gull caught in Manchester that left quite the impression on my finger :(

Common gulls and fingers don't mix - lesson learned!

Another great weekend with great mates!

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