Friday, 9 March 2012

And We're Off!

Finally the day has come and I have found my first nest to kick start the 2012 nest recording season. My first nest was a Woodpigeon in my back garden down in Stranraer, found on 1st March.

Woodpigeon Nest

After recording my first nest last year down at WWT Llanelli I am looking forward to going for a mega recording year this year and I won't be alone in my mission! I have teamed up with Chris & Kane who will be recording in England and Wales, together we are hoping to record some top species across the UK and maybe even break the 1,000 records mark! As well as our blogs you can follow our nest recording exploits on Twitter:  @WildlifeG, @KaneBrides and @CJBridge

We are recording as many nests as we can find for The BTO's Nest Record Scheme (NRS). The information gathered from nest recording is used by the BTO to measure environmental impacts on breeding as well as to produce trends for breeding performance. Anyone can take part in NRS - see the NRS website here. It is a really enjoyable and rewarding hobby and once you start, your hooked!

My 1st Coot nest

This year as well as general recording we are targeting some particular species: Tree Sparrow, Reed Warbler and of course Coot. I have already starting recording nests up here in Stirling and have so far found 10 new Coot nests with many more pairs set to start building their nests any day down on the loch - looks like it's going to be a bumper for Coot up here!

With birds pairing up and the dawn chorus getting louder and more varied by the day it won't be long before the nesting season is in full swing and I for one can't wait.

Love is in the air down on Airthrey Loch

I'm really looking forward to this nesting season as not only will I be learning new skills in nest finding and pullus ringing but I will also be spending the summer with my best mates, what else could I ask for?!

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