Thursday, 22 March 2012

Moving Mutes

Last week, whilst out nest recording on campus, I came across a couple of new colour ringed Mute Swans on Airthrey Loch.  Mute swans may appear to just be sedentary to 'their ponds' but they do in fact move! The last colour marked Mute Swan that I observed down on the loch turned out to have quite the history (see here) and so I was eager to hear back about these individuals too.


Green LVB was ringed as a cygnet near Glenrothes in August 2010. It was seen once more at its' original ringing location until being sighted here in Stirling this year. It has traveled approximately 35 miles to Airthrey loch.

LVB's Movements


Green LZX was ringed as a cygnet at Linlithgow Loch in September 2010. LZX was seen regularly at Linlithgow up until mid-March when I sighted it here at the university, approximately 23 miles away.

LZX's Movements

Thanks to Allan Brown for the recovery information. If you see any colour ringed birds you can find the relating colour ringing project here: or can report metal rings to  

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