Tuesday, 14 June 2011

A Morning of CES - 14th June 2011

After getting a lovely 2 hours sleep last night :( I set out to work at 5.40am. I was due to get to the ringing site by 5.45am but unfortunately the road to work was closed, yet again, due to rogue gypsy horses on the road. After my long detour through the town and out the other side I managed to make it into work at 5.50am - but I still got told off for being late! I had a great morning's ringing with Heather Coats and Ian Hainsworth.

Juvenile Robin
I saw my first proper example of a Growth Band this morning on a juvenile Blackcap. A Growth Band indicates where there has been a change in diet or a lack of food whilst the bird was in the nest.
Growth Band on a juvenile Blackcap
We ringed 42 new birds in total this morning, again consisting mainly of juveniles. Including juvenile Blackcap, Robin and Dunnock. We managed to catch a mixed flock at around 9am which kept us on our toes. Included in the catch were a number of juvenile Blue Tits who haven't quite learned the art of pecking ringer's fingers to bits!

Juvenile Blue Tit, quite cute when their not biting you!
 We also caught a stunning male Bullfinch. Bullfinches which are one of my favourite birds due to the fact that they remind me of dinosaurs with their chunky bills!

Male Bullfinch
 For me the best catch of the day was one of my juvenile Great Tits whom I ringed back on 15/05/11 in the reserve in one of the new bird boxes I had put up in early spring. It was a real treat to see it out of the nest and doing well.

My wee Great Tit all grown up!
Well I'm off tomorrow to Cwm Clydach to try and ring some Pied Flycatchers which will be a  first for me, stay tuned!

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