Sunday, 26 June 2011

Worsley Warblers

Yesterday I packed up, said goodbye to The Man of Steel AKA Dad and set off from home for Kane's house in Artherton. I had been invited to come along for another few days of ringing. After getting there at around 4.30pm, I gave Kane his much anticipated homemade malteaser squares and we set off for Worsley. Worsley is a 5 year old reed bed site which is just off a canal. The site is quite stunning, filled with swaying bull rushes and bright, fragrant wildflowers.

Worsley Reed beds

The evening's team consisted of Kane, myself, Kane's trainer Steve and fellow trainee Jenny. We caught 45 new, 2 recaps and 1 control of 14 different species. The evening was very enjoyable, slightly less fun when the mosquitoes decided to attack us as it got dark!

Sedge Warbler
Highlights of the evening included Sedge Warbler, Blackcap, Robin, Song Thrush, Reed Warbler and my first Reed Bunting.

My first Reed Bunting (Male)
It was a great experience, especially ringing the Reed Warblers as their range does not extend as far North as my home in Scotland. The evening was extended as we took in a Swallow roost which contained both Swallow and Sand Martin with the Swifts elluding us.
Reed Warbler
A great evening was had by all and special thanks goes to Steve and to Kane again for inviting me and letting us trainees do all of the ringing.
Song Thrush

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