Sunday, 26 June 2011

Moth Trapping in Atherton

Last night Kane set his moth trap as he has got me hooked on moths and moth trapping. We sat out last night and watched the moths swarm round the trap and drop in. We only saw one moth that ended up alluding the trap which was a Light Emerald. We checked the trap early this morning and found some great specimens, as I am new to moth trapping every moth received a gasp and it's own personal photoshoot! 104 moths were caught of 40 different species including Buff Ermie, Flame Shoulder, Ghost Moth, Purple Clay and Gothic. Below are some of the other highlights of the catch.

Beautiful Goden Y
Buff Arches

Brimstone Moth

Swallow Tailed Moth

Elephant Hawk-Moth


Burnished Brass


Peppered Moth
Big thanks to Kane again for some class moth trapping.

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