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Kenfig CES - 21st July 2011

Yesterday I joined the Gower Bird Ringing Group at Kenfig NNR for one of their CES sessions. I have only been to Kenfig to ring a couple of times before and so it was nice to be back again. Kenfig is a lovely place, full of beautiful flora and fauna.

Pyrausta purpuralis

The nets were all set up by 6.10am in the reedbeds. As we retreated back to the ringing station we observed a Kestrel hunting overhead. The CES ran from 6.10am until 12.30pm. I personally ringed a total of 13 new birds and processed 1 retrap. Species for the day included Reed Warbler, Sedge Warbler, Cett's Warbler, Long-Tailed Tit, Blackcap, Blue Tit, Robin, Willow Warbler, Whitethroat and Great Tit.

Willow Warbler

Personal ringing highlights were getting to ring one of my favourite garden birds (Long-Tailed Tits AKA Lottis) and Reed Warbler of which I used to overlook but am becoming ever so fascinated with now, especially since I saw my first nest with it's intricately woven patterns.

Reed Warbler

It was also a nice treat when two juvenile Robins were caught. One of these Robin's taught us an important lesson: never hold a bird over the bird book. This little Robin had recently been eating lots of juicy berries and so the bird book now sports a lovely purple page!

A pair of juvenile Robins

I always enjoy ringing the Kenfig CES as in between net rounds I get to venture about looking for all sorts of fascinating gems such as moths, butterflies, grasshoppers and wildflowers. The place was alive with grasshoppers yesterday, every where you stepped a hopper exploded out of the grass in front of you.

Common Green Grasshopper

A wildlife highlight for me was seeing my first Leaf Cutter Bee which had taken up residence in the picnic table we were using as our ringing base!

The Leaf Cutter's home in the picnic table!

On one of my walks in between net rounds I came across a beautiful Large Skipper. This was my first Skipper and I actually had no idea what it was at first and had to seek advice from a few ringing friends. The wings in particular facinate me.

Large Skipper

A lovely morning was had and thanks goes to Kenfig and The Gower Ringing Group. Kenfig aslso has a great blog:

Now I'm off to Abbotsbury to the big Mute Swan round-up and to ring my first swans. Wish me luck!

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