Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Cracking Canada's at Llangorse - 3rd July 2011

After an early start yesterday I packed up my ringing gear and headed up to Llangorse Lake, Breacon for the annual Canada Goose Round-up. I soon arrived at the site and met up with 'my boys', Kane Brides, Chris Bridges and Zac Hinchcliffe who were all down for the day for the round-up.

It was a beautiful morning and perfect for a day of ringing. The annual Canada Goose round-up is held at this time of the year because the geese are in moult which means they cannot fly - this makes them prime targets for ringers with kayaks! The geese were gently rounded up out on the lake by the kayakers and a few ringers on the far shores and were slowly guided towards the catching area where a large pen was waiting for them with many ringers hiding in the bushes or behind cars!

Herding the geese on the water. Photo - Kane Brides.

 As the birds and the kayakers got closer a number of us ventured into the water to stop any escapees from breaking from the main flock, it involved getting a little wet but we're used to it.

Poised for action. Photo - Kane Brides.

The geese were then brought ashore and corralled into their pen. A total of 398 Canada geese were caught along with 1 Greylag and a lost Mallard who was released without being ringed.

Corralling the geese into the holding pen.

Forget Wally, find the Greylag!

The rest of the morning ran really smoothly with 234 new geese being ringed and 164 retraps being processed.

Busy Saving, Protecting and Inspiring!

 It was my first experience ringing geese and I really enjoyed it. They are quite the challenge to ring as they are very powerful birds and they are very good at biting your backs whilst being held! I only came away with a couple of bruises, result!

My first goose.

After we finished at the lake the gang headed to the pub for a spot of lunch and some homemade malteser squares. A truly fantastic day was had and I hope to go back and do it all again next year. Special thanks goes the ringing group and to Jerry Lewis for letting me come along and help out.

Kane, Chirs, Zac and Myself after a great day's ringing.


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