Thursday, 14 July 2011

A Bacon Buttie With A Side of Wagtail Please!

After spending most of last night and the early hours of this morning catching moths in my room I had a quick snooze and got up and headed out just before 5am. I was headed somewhere new to experience mist netting over a river for the first time. This morning I joined The Cardiff Ringers to mist net for Dippers and Grey Wagtails on the Cwm Taf Fechan.

After the nets were set up I got a surprise - a cooked breakfast in the form of a tasty bacon buttie! Luxury bird ringing surely! Whilst enjoying my bacon buttie a Grey Wagtail dropped into the net. After Rich extracted the Wagtail and I gobbled down the rest of my breakfast I was given the honour of ringing it. This was my first Grey Wagtail and what a little beauty.

3J Grey Wagtail

After the Grey Wagtail was ringed and released a good natter was had before a Dipper flew into the net. Again I was given the privilege to ring what was my first adult Dipper. Dippers are one of my favourite birds and one of the main reasons why I got into birding as I have always loved watching them bob up and down the rivers back home in Scotland.

Me and my 3J female Dipper.

Inspecting the Dipper's moult.
After the Dipper was ringed, the nets were moved further downstream but the remaining Dippers and Grey Wagtails on the river just weren't keen on the nets so the morning came to a close. I had a fantastic morning and it was great to met some of the Cardiff Ringers after having read their blog for so long. Thanks to everyone I met this morning and especially Rich Facey for inviting me along.

After I left Cwm Taf Fechan I managed to get into work and to the last hour and a half of the CES where I processed a single Chiffchaff!

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